You can stay as long as you like.


  • 🐣🐥
    Today, the chick we were taking care of died right before my eyes. We took him/her home after finding out that his/her leg was injured which caused him/her to be left behind by the other chicks and his/her mother. We were so excited to find out if it was a he/she but I guess it’ll just be up to our imaginations now. We’ll just keep wondering until we forget or … Continue reading 🐣🐥
  • Make it Special
    With a lover or not, I hope YOU who are reading this, would be reminded that you deserve to be celebrated today too. Valentines can also be about loving yourself so I hope that you treat yourself to a good meal, a good coffee, or a good experience today. It doesn’t even need to be fancy, flashy, or expensive. I hope you find a reason to make today special too, … Continue reading Make it Special
  • It was a prank, afterall.
    Just when you thought you got it all figured out, you mess up one time and now you’re back hiding, scared, and clueless of everything. I hate how it’s taking me more than a week now to recharge my social battery after a 2-day vacation with my friends. It hurts so much how I’m ignoring their messages but I really cant open the social media app. I just want to … Continue reading It was a prank, afterall.
  • I Prefer Sunrises
    If you ask me to choose between Sunsets and Sunrises, I’d definitely choose sunrises. Aside from the ethereal beauty which both possesses and the fact that I adore how the sun slowly comes in to view during sunrises, I love how it symbolizes the coming of a new day. I like to dwell in the satisfying feeling of realizing that maybe, I’m a step closer to my dreams. I also … Continue reading I Prefer Sunrises